Orlean Micheaux

? – 1917

Homesteading on the prairies of South Dakota was hard enough under the best of conditions, but it proved too much for a Chicago lady, Orlean McCracken Micheaux.

She met South Dakota homesteader, Oscar Micheaux, while he was in Chicago on a business trip. Micheaux became a renowned playwrite and pioneer film maker, who returned to Chicago on business. Orlean married Oscar in 1910. She came to South Dakota to help him obtain a relinquishment in Tripp County and help him achieve his dream of owning land. Hard times on the prairie, loneliness, and the death of a baby at birth proved too much for her.

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Joyce has received a grant from the SDHC. She is collaborating with Jerry Wilske, Oscar Micheaux Center director, to conduct further research on a project called Oscar Micheaux: Fact and Fiction.